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Leverages low-cost connectivity and hardware options


Uses Bluetooth, LoRa, and 3GPP Cellular standards.


Add the power of AirFinder to your own application.


Stand alone networks allow installs that don't touch your network.


From 10 tags to 10 million, we have you covered.


The most accurate Bluetooth based proximity system in the world.

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Seamlessly track and monitor assets

Unlike other RTLS technologies, AirFinder leverages widely available iBeacon tags and open-source Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to reduce costs and enable asset tracking in emerging industries. AirFinder integrates with the Symphony Link long-range wireless system for effortless data backhaul to the cloud. Asset locations can be displayed, sorted, and grouped together on the online interface for ease of use.

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Administer the location & condition of assets

Our user interface makes it easy to locate a particular asset when needed. We make it quick and simple to track multiple categories, groups, zones, etc… and create reports and alerts to deliver to third parties. Air Finders user interface gives you the control you need to keep your assets in track and moving along to get the job done.

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Combines Bluetooth, Cellular, & LoRa technology

Provides the lowest cost real-time location system available. From the tag to the dashboard, the AirFinder real-time location system (RTLS) connects people and things on the move. Open-source iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology reduce cost and application complexity—and Symphony Link integration and cloud backhaul allow for a simple IT integration process. When you deploy AirFinder, you’ll benefit from flexible, safe RTLS tracking at your organization.


Food Manufacturer

A national food manufacturer utilizes hundreds of thousands of reusable, specialty crates and pallets. Ensuring that sufficient numbers are available at all points of production led to over procurement and underutilization. By using low cost beacons in most packages and a low power, cellular gateway devices in a smaller number of packages, this customer was able to track packages nationwide at a fraction of the cost of other cellular solutions.

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IT Solutions Integrator

A global IT solutions integrator had an aerospace manufacturer client who needed a cost effective way to track work-in-progress materials in their plant. AirFinder was able to quickly integrate with the existing ERP system at a fraction of the cost of an ultra wideband alternative.

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