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Low Cost - High Impact
Real Time Location System (RTLS)

AirFinder can help you reduce downtime and increase efficiency by quickly locating valuable tools and equipment in your facility.
AirFinder can help your hospital locate and maintain critical medical equipment.
AirFinder can help your most valuable asset, your staff, stay safe with a location based emergency alert system.

Rapidly Deployed
No WiFi or Ethernet Dependency

New to RTLS and not sure if it will meet your specific use case?
Check out our blog post on What is RTLS.

AirFinder is a next generation asset tracking and monitoring technology platform.

AirFinder uses affordable Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to tell you where your assets are at any time, including parts, equipment, and even people. And, unlike other location tracking systems that rely on UWB, RFID, or traditional BLE beacons and infrastructure, AirFinder uses a patented technology approach to keep deployment complexity and maintenance costs low.


AirFinder uses a combination of innovative IoT technologies to provide greater flexibility to meet the needs of your unique use case.  AirFinder provides easy deployment, lower cost than RFID solutions, and tuned accuracy to meet your needs as they evolve.

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AirFinder delivers high Return on Investment

When tools, parts, or other critical equipment go missing, it does more than just slow production and limit capacity. It drains resources, adds waste, and lowers employee morale…all of which combine to leak profits.

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The Digital Shift is About Becoming Leaner

AirFinder tells you where your stuff is so you don’t have to waste precious time, and money, searching for it. And, thanks to AirFinder’s patented technology approach—which reduces data throughput costs by 10-100x—the barriers to using an advanced IoT tracking solution are eliminated.

With AirFinder, organizations have greater intelligence for all their assets, resulting in optimized processes, more focused employees, and higher efficiency…all at 10-100x less than traditional RFID solutions. It’s amazing what happens when your stuff never goes missing.

How An Indoor Positioning System Works

Why AirFinder?

AirFinder architecture, power efficiency, and data efficiency combine for the lowest total-cost-of-ownership for asset tracking and monitoring.

Just-Right Precision™

Different requirements demand different precision. AirFinder Location Beacons can be placed with high or low density, tailored to your precision needs.

Power efficiency

AirFinder's patented approach means batteries last longer. Combined with accelerometers and smart scheduling, tags use even less energy.

Data efficiency

How does AirFinder save 10-100x over traditional systems? By shifting location processing to smart, active RFID tags. The result? Exponentially reduced network data throughput.

Works anywhere: inside and outside

Many large facilities have poor cellular coverage. AirFinder enhances coverage where needed with a purpose-built IoT network platform.


The Symphony Link network—included with AirFinder—reduces infrastructure requirements, resulting in faster, cheaper installations.

Ecosystem of BLE tag providers

Unique challenges demand ultimate flexibility in form factors and battery configurations. Tags are available from an ecosystem of tag hardware providers.


AirFinder Resources

View our documentation and resources to help discover if AirFinder is right for your RTLS needs.

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AirFinder can meet your specific use case.

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