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The 5 Best Websites For RTLS News

Brian Ray
December 8, 2017

Looking for reliable sources of real-time location system (RTLS) news? With technology changing as quickly as it is—and the internet being as expansive as it is— it can be a challenge to gather authoritative resources that help you stay current.

Below are some of the best sources of online information about the real time location system market. But we don’t pretend to know it all—if you know of other good sources, please share them with us @AirFinderRTLS.

The 5 Best Websites For RTLS News

1. RFID Journal

RFID Journal’s website provides timely, accurate news regarding radio frequency identification, which is an integral part of many real time location systems. Its focus is “keeping business people informed about the latest deployments, mandates, standards developments, and product innovations” regarding RFID—much of which revolves around RTLS. You can get news, expert views, and case studies on the website for free, but a subscription gets you access to additional material, like feature stories, more case studies, and an archive of articles from past magazine issues.

2. CenTrak

CenTrak has been recognized as one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America, so it’s no surprise that its website offers top-notch, current articles about all things RTLS. CenTrak gathers news from a collection of credible sites, like RFID Journal and Health Management Technology, to deliver healthcare-specific RTLS news. This allows the reader to be better informed about the ways RTLS can help “patients, staff, and the bottom line.”

3. Versus Technology

Versus Technology gathers RTLS news specific to the healthcare industry, since its technology and software are aimed at “making healthcare safer and more efficient.” The “News & Events” section on its website includes an insightful blog covering topics like asset tracking and improving patient flow and the patient experience.

4. AirFinder

Combining the short-range benefits of Bluetooth Low Energy and widely available iBeacon tags, the AirFinder RTLS offers companies a low-cost, highly efficient way to track and monitor assets. Because its flexibility makes it useful across a number of industries (like transportation, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and OEMs), AirFinder offers a variety of resources about the best uses of RTLS technology on its website.

5. ZulaFly

The ZulaFly blog offers RTLS information for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, gaming, hospitality, senior living, and manufacturing. Named one of the Top 25 RFID blogs in 2017, it has recently covered topics on RTLS and nurse safety, and how RTLS can be useful in school emergency situations.  

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