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Construction RFID Tracking Systems

Easily locate tools and workers onsite. Plus, monitor building conditions inside.

What is AirFinder? 

AirFinder is an affordable real-time location system (RTLS) that leverages RFID and other unique technologies to help you keep track of tools, monitor equipment usage, optimize tool leasing, support employee safety, and much more. And AirFinder even goes beyond standard construction RFID tracking systems to monitor conditions, like temperature and shock detection.

Unique Features for Construction

Connectivity at the Edge.

Reliable power and WiFi is a luxury most job sites can’t afford. AirFinder is easy to deploy and maintain while enabling all of your worker, equipment, and material management applications.


Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Tracking.

AirFinder tags provide location and condition data for any asset you tag from the laydown yard, to the break trailer, to inside the building.


Replaceable Batteries.

Unlike other construction tracking solutions that use proprietary tags, our tags can be refreshed with new batteries when needed.


Learn more about RTLS and asset location technologies.

Construction Use Cases

Prefab Tracking

Contractors often build prefabricated elements (trusses, beams, etc.) off-site and then move those pieces to the construction yard when they’re needed. Using a system like AirFinder, you can track prefab pieces starting from the time they’re created through the shipping process, and even after they’ve been delivered to the construction site. You can also get an alert when the piece is moved in the yard, which could indicate whether you’re on target for install.

Process Optimization

General contractors often work within very thin profit margins. If costs are 1% too high, they could lose money, just as their profit margin could double with a 1% cost reduction. Location data can be used to optimize processes, meaning major implications for the company’s bottom line. For example, a contractor could use AirFinder to monitor time spent running each scissor lift on a job site. If more equipment is rented than being used, they can update future rental agreements to cut costs.

Theft Monitoring and Prevention

Unfortunately, theft is all too common at construction sites. Equipment tracking devices like AirFinder can help you immediately identify whether something is moved during non-working hours, and then determine if the location the tool or component was moved to make it an easier target for theft. Additionally, Bluetooth and GPS equipment tracking tags help act as a deterrent for potential thieves.

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