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Healthcare Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

The most affordable way to locate and monitor valuable assets.

What Is AirFinder?

AirFinder is an affordable, real-time location system (RTLS) for healthcare that requires less installed infrastructure than competitive healthcare RTLS systems for hospitals. AirFinder uses standard Bluetooth-based tags which cost less than proprietary tags from other RTLS companies. What’s more, the solution doesn’t need to be installed throughout the entire facility to provide coverage in a specific area, for example, tracking equipment in operating rooms only.

Unique Features for Healthcare and Hospitals

Dramatically improve efficiency for your clinical and biomedical staff.

Locate Equipment.

Instantly get the location of any tagged item, even from a mobile phone. Empower your staff to stop spending time searching and instead focus on what matters–improving patient outcomes.


Actionable Workflows.

AirFinder takes the pain out of the process of preventative maintenance and recall processes without missing deadlines. Finally give your CIO accurate utilization rates to justify new expenditures.


Ensure Compliance.

AirFinder captures data about equipment use and location, enabling a “paper” trail and reports, which come in handy during Joint Commission audits and capital budget planning.


Learn more about healthcare RTLS technologies and considerations.

Other Healthcare RTLS Solutions

Automate Pick Lists 

An operating room department faced the challenge of ensuring that all rooms were reconfigured overnight to the standard configuration. By tagging and tracking the location of each equipment group, a list of equipment movements needed could be instantly generated for the overnight staff.

Manage Calibration and Maintenance

Biomed departments have the tough task of keeping up with seemingly limitless inventories to maintain. AirFinder can help with that. Not only can daily lists of equipment to collect be provided, but AirFinder tells you the exact location, too.

Prevent Hoarding

Wheelchairs were being hoarded by the radiology movement staff to ensure that enough were available when needed. As a result, other departments had challenges finding wheelchairs when needed. By creating a staff-wide dashboard of wheelchair location, additional procurements were not required.

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