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Healthcare RTLS:
Hurley Medical Center Locates and Monitors Equipment Affordably (and Securely)
with AirFinder

After two long years of searching for a replacement real-time location system (RTLS) to handle Hurley Medical Center's hospital asset tracking needs, they discovered AirFinder...

This hospital RTLS case study details the trying journey Hurley Medical Center underwent to find a replacement RTLS. The solution would have to ensure room-level accuracy, at an affordable cost, independently of WiFi. Moreover, the ideal RTLS solution would ultimately improve patient care by:

  • Saving staff and managers time
  • Reducing equipment shortages and improving utilization rates
  • Decreasing equipment "hoarding and hiding"
  • Lowering rental charges
  • Streamlining Joint Commission and CMS compliance
  • Providing actionable data and intelligence regarding equipment flow and bottlenecks

Download the case study today to take the first step toward implementing a successful hospital equipment tracking solution at your organization.

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