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Hotel Panic Button Systems

Peace of mind for your guests and your staff from one of the largest suppliers of hotel panic button systems in the world.

What Is AirFinder?

AirFinder uses an innovative combination of Bluetooth and ultrasound to ensure that the location of staff in distress is identified quickly and precisely. The lightweight staff duress system runs off of a simple plug-in device in each room, requiring zero IT integration. What's more, once the system is installed, other remote monitoring within the hotel is possible, such as leak detection, noise pollution, and even air quality monitoring.

Unique Features for Hospitality

Fast Alerts for Staff in Trouble.

Your front desk and security staff are alerted quickly when a staff member requests assistance while on the job.


Remain Compliant.

Increasingly, unions and cities are requiring that hotel workers be provided with an alert system.


Get Smarter Rooms.

 Additional IoT monitoring devices show you exactly what’s happening throughout the property..


Learn more about RTLS and asset location technologies.

Other Hotel and Resort Solutions

Not only can AirFinder keep your staff and guests safe, it provides real-time, IoT intelligence, enabling the connected hotel room concept.

Asset Tracking

Luggage carts, golf carts, cleaning carts, and catering items are just a few of the things AirFinder can locate and monitor.

Find & Stop Costly Leaks

Just one leaking ice machine or HVAC unit can cause thousands of dollars in repairs. AirFinder sensors make sure you stop the water leak quickly.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Make rowdy guests (and guest complaints about them) a thing of the past with AirFinder's connected IoT sensors that monitor noise levels in-room.

Incredibly flexible.
Unbelievably affordable.

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