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Manufacturing Asset Management

Enterprise features and scalability, done affordably.

What is AirFinder?

AirFinder is an affordable, real-time location system (RTLS) for enterprise manufacturing asset management. The AirFinder RTLS solution uses standard, widely available Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags and requires significantly less infrastructure than other RFID or UWB systems.. Plus, you can even monitor asset conditions and ensure preventative maintenance compliance.

Enterprise Features for Manufacturing

Improve worker efficiency measurably and optimize equipment utilization.

Locate Assets.

Any time your staff spends looking for equipment is time they could be productive. Instantly find the location of any tagged item, even from a mobile device.


Enhance Workflows.

Costly manufacturing equipment and tools need careful maintenance. AirFinder allows workflows to ensure calibration and checks are completed when required.


Ensure Compliance.

Data about equipment use and location creates an audit trail that proves what equipment was used in which setting.


Learn how leading manufacturers are using asset tracking to save costs and improve efficiency.

Manufacturing Use Cases

Improve Resource Allocation

Ensuring your resources are properly staged is critical—and AirFinder RTLS for manufacturing can be a vital line of defense. For example, AirFinder enables you to see that there’s only a single reel of material left at a certain staging point, allowing you to be "in the know" before there's a problem.

Keep Track of Both Equipment and People 

Enabling location technology in employee and visitor badges has a number of positive benefits. For one, you can keep record of where tagged personnel are and where they've been to both deter and track possible loss. And, in the case of an emergency, knowing the location of all employees and on-site vendors saves lives.

Optimize the Flow of Important Materials

Knowing what stage of development your product, inventory or assets are in brings in new streams of critical data. Location and condition information from AirFinder can help drive efficiencies to dramatically improve production cycles. In a process-driven industry like manufacturing, that makes all the difference

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