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Bluetooth Tracking That's Different

Location processing on the tag makes AirFinder more accurate and affordable

Other BLE based tracking systems rely on tags that blindly beacon. AirFinder tags use location beacons which are placed in your facility for just-right precision. Tags discretely communicate their location when needed. Less infrastructure means big savings in dollars and complexity.
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Just-Right Precision

Means you don't pay more than you need.

Unlike other solutions that can only present high or low precision, AirFinder Location Beacons can be placed with either high or low density—or a mix of the two—depending on the level of precision needed.


Doesn't Use Your WiFi

IT integration is a challenge in today's IT environment. By leveraging our Symphony Link LoRa network and LTE-M, AirFinder can create its own network without having to use yours. 


Tag Options

Our network of tag partners can help you source the ideal tag for your use-case. Whether it's a weather-tight hard hat tag, ID Badge, or reusable shipping rack, we have you covered.


Amazing API

Allows customers to integrate location data into their existing software and processes. 


Long Live the Battery

AirFinder's patented approach means batteries last longer. Combined with accelerometers and smart scheduling, tags use even less energy.

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