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A simple, effective real-time location system (RTLS) that
enables low-cost and secure asset tracking.

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An end-to-end solution, from the tag to the dashboard.

Unlike other RTLS technologies, AirFinder leverages widely available iBeacon tags and open-source Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to reduce costs and enable asset tracking in emerging industries. AirFinder integrates with the Symphony Link long-range wireless system for effortless data backhaul to the cloud. Asset locations can be displayed, sorted, and grouped together on the online interface for ease of use.


Track assets in a cost-effective way.

AirFinder delivers enterprise-grade RTLS solutions for monitoring and locating assets. While many legacy RTLS systems utilize costly hardwired infrastructure and proprietary technology, AirFinder can be deployed cost-effectively and incrementally. This allows you to create value in your emerging market before scaling, all without using your customer’s IT system.


Build your application using flexible RTLS technology.

Don’t get stuck with proprietary (and expensive) one-size-fits-all tags. BLE Tags are sold in hundreds of form factors, making application customization simple. AirFinder can use any Bluetooth Low Energy device.


Improve your security posture.

Placing hundreds of third-party WiFi devices on your enterprise network is a security risk—regardless of what other vendors tell you. AirFinder mitigates this risk by ensuring that no RTLS tracking infrastructure touches your network or your customer’s network in any way.


Avoid the headache of IT integration.

Many RTLS systems require complex IT integrations, which can slow down (or even halt) deployment. AirFinder connects to the cloud through a central Symphony Link access point and can be deployed without any IT involvement whatsoever.

How It Works

iBeacon Tags

AirFinder uses standard, off-the-shelf iBeacons that advertise their identity regularly. Tag configuration can be optimized to extend range or battery life. iBeacon tags can be purchased through AirFinder or through other distributors with appropriate configuration.

AirFinder Reader

The AirFinder reader picks up the iBeacon messages, then sends that information in a regular stream to a Symphony Link gateway.


The gateway is AirFinder’s internet connectivity conduit. You simply plug it in, and it will start to receive messages from provisioned readers. This is a simple process, much like provisioning a WiFi router.

Web Application

The AirFinder software crunches numbers and provides a probability estimate of the reader closest to each tag.

Smartphone Application

The AirFinder smartphone app offers the same functionality as the web application, but it also allows users to scan the tag’s Mac ID to provision the system. This makes on-site provisioning even easier and more user-friendly.

Location API

Users who wish to integrate location into their existing application (instead of through the AirFinder interface) are able to do so through the AirFinder API. AirFinder’s API features both RESTful and streaming modes; you can learn more about both modes here.

How To Use The Application

Location Screenshot
Groups Screenshot
Reports Screenshot
Alerts Screenshot

Location: “Where is this asset right now?”

The AirFinder user interface makes it easy to locate a particular asset when needed. For instance, if you’re not certain where the infusion pump you need for a particular procedure is, you can easily find it with the Location functionality.

Groups: “Where are the supplies we need for this job?"

If you need to find items in a certain group, AirFinder makes it simple to locate all of the items at once with the Group tool. For example, if groups of items in your warehouse are to be collected and sold as a unit—or if a group of items is required to complete a job—you can find these assets without any hassle.

Reports: “Where has this asset been in the last month?”

If you need to bill a customer or optimize a process based on tagged assets, AirFinder’s Report tool makes it simple. For example, public correctional facilities may pull reports on how many hours their inmates have been in classrooms over a certain month in order to bill the state.


Alerts: “Is this asset entering or leaving a particular zone right now?”

If you need to take some immediate action to protect some assets, you need to be able to know precisely where they are and if they are moving or being moved. If there’s an emergency situation in your warehouse and you’re trying to ensure that nothing is lost or stolen, AirFinder makes it easy to locate the assets in question.

Learn more about how AirFinder can lower costs and improve efficiency for your application.