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Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS):
An Overview

What is RTLS technology?

Real-time location systems (RTLS) allow you to locate people or enterprise assets in real time. Companies in a variety of industries—from manufacturing to supply chain, hospitality, healthcare, and construction —rely on location information to increase efficiency and safety while reducing costs.

There are two main types of RTLS: precision-based RTLS and proximity-based RTLS.

Precision-Based RTLS

Precision-based RTLS is implemented through either ultra-wide band or WiFi-based technologies. Precision RTLS allows tracking of assets to an exact location, making it useful for applications like inventory management. The drawback is that precision RTLS is expensive and requires a great deal of infrastructure to drive its accuracy. Depending on the technology used, the price of tags could increase as well.

Proximity-Based RTLS

Proximity-based RTLS solutions like AirFinder can accurately pinpoint locations within about 100 square feet, making them ideal for use cases that don’t require exact locations. For example, if you know an X-ray machine or an employee is in room 326, you’ll easily be able to find them. Proximity-based RTLS systems are less expensive, require far less infrastructure, and generally have less expensive tags.

Benefits & Uses Of RTLS

From finding assets in a hospital, to locating and monitoring assets in a warehouse or factory, to understanding which contractors are onsite, and how long they are there each day, there are dozens of use cases for real-time location systems.
The alternative to RTLS is record-keeping—a manual log of where equipment is kept or stored. This method breaks down quickly because of human error or the number of people involved and doesn’t support the variety of use cases that RTLS does.

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Location Tracking Benefits and Uses

Asset Location
and Monitoring

Locating and monitoring equipment, parts, and products quickly with a location on a floor plan instead of wasting valuable time searching.

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Maintenance, Audits, and Compliance

Finding equipment and assets for cleaning, maintenance, compliance, and audits is a breeze when you know where all your assets are.

Ensuring Employee Safety

Being able to locate employees if they are in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation.

AirFinder is a simple, effective real-time location system (RTLS) that enables affordable, secure asset tracking.

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