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Utilizing the most powerful Bluetooth-based location technology, AirFinder OnSite™ offers early adopters our most powerful IoT platform
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Introducing The
AirFinder SuperTag

The AirFinder SuperTag blends the best of our affordable, easy-to-use indoor positioning technology with innovative outdoor tracking technologies into a single, long-lasting device. This revolutionary step in asset location and monitoring technology gives you complete visibility that’s completely affordable - from the “factory floor” all the way to the “front door.”

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How It Works


Monitor Your Most Valuable Business Assets

Blending numerous indoor and outdoor location technologies (GPS, WiFi sniffing, etc.), you can track your assets from an origination point to its final destination and everywhere in between.


Locate Assets Anywhere... That’s Right, Anywhere

Where there’s LTE-M coverage or an AirFinder Network, the SuperTag provides real-time location of your business assets. Coverage is currently available in the U.S. and Canada now, with international options coming soon.


Geofencing and Beyond

Create geofences to monitor assets entering and exiting critical areas. Alert customers when assets are about to arrive. If dwell time, lack of motion, and temperature changes matter to you, create alerts for those too.


Incredibly flexible.
Unbelievably affordable.

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