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Supply Chain Asset Management

Powerful indoor/outdoor tracking and condition monitoring for supply chain and logistics.

What is AirFinder?

AirFinder is an affordable tracking and monitoring system for logistics that requires significantly less installed infrastructure than alternative technologies. AirFinder uses Bluetooth-based tags indoors and Bluetooth and LTE-M tags outdoors which cost less than tags from other real-time location system (RTLS) solutions. The system does not need to be installed in trucks or throughout a facility to generate value. For example, tracking loading docks and over-the-road require Bluetooth readers only at the dock.

Enterprise Supply Chain and Logistics Features

Seamless Indoor/Outdoor tracking.

AirFinder tags provide location data and condition intelligence both outside on the truck and inside throughout the warehouse.


GPS-Free Tracking.

AifFinder tags use a variety of technologies, even in the truck, to calculate location. This means that GPS signals are not required.


Unrivaled Cost of Ownership.

Indoor tracking is done with a network of easy-to-install Bluetooth location beacons, which results in quick deployments and lower total cost of ownership.


Learn more about RTLS and asset location technologies.

Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

Returnable Supply Chain Assets

Manufacturers and retailers using specialty crates and fixtures often have challenges ensuring the right assets are where they need to be. With AirFinder you save money and time by tracking your closed-loop reuseable inventory.

Traceability on High-Value Shipments

Since AirFinder does not require GPS, but can also use WiFi signals to track location, it is a great solution for high-value shipments that need absolute accountability during every step of the way.

Calm the Chaotic Receivables Flow

If tracking shipments both as they travel to your manufacturing center as well as where they end up in the warehouse matters, AirFinder is the perfect solution, with seamless indoor/outdoor tracking.

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