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AirFinder is the leading real-time location system (RTLS) for enterprise asset management.

All the features.
Less than half the cost.

Get Just-Right Precision™, incredible power efficiency, open architecture and more for a little as 1/10th the cost of comparable solutions.

Zero IT required. 

AirFinder runs on the patented Symphony Link™ network (included), so there's no extra burden on WiFi network, and it's so easy to use that it's deployed in days, not months.

Less time searching.
More time working.

Empower your business with more focused employees, optimized processes and higher efficiency. It’s amazing what happens when your stuff never goes missing and always stays safe.

Unbeatable Cost of Ownership

AirFinder keeps RTLS asset management costs super low by running on its own network, using batteries that last up to four years and including free firmware and software updates. Plus, AirFinder can be reconfigured on-the-fly by nearly anyone.


Learn more about RTLS and asset location technologies.

Why AirFinder?

Just-Right Precision™

Different requirements demand different precision. AirFinder Location Beacons can be placed with high or low density, tailored to your precision needs.


The Symphony Link network—included with AirFinder—reduces infrastructure requirements, resulting in faster, cheaper installations.


Ecosystem of BLE tag providers

Unique challenges demand ultimate flexibility in form factors and battery configurations. Tags are available from an ecosystem of tag hardware providers.


Works anywhere: inside and outside

Many large facilities have poor cellular coverage. AirFinder enhances coverage where needed with a purpose-built IoT network platform.

Power efficiency

AirFinder's patented approach means batteries last longer. Combined with accelerometers and smart scheduling, tags use even less energy.

Data efficiency

How does AirFinder save 10-100x over traditional systems? By shifting location processing to smart, active RFID tags. The result? Exponentially reduced network data throughput.


Is AirFinder Right for You?

Take the assessment to find out if AirFinder is a good fit for your unique needs.  We'll suggest a better solution if there is one.

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An RTLS Solution That Stands Alone 

The included Symphony Link network is specifically designed for AirFinder. By using patented technology, Symphony Link is easily scalable and performs with best-of-class reliability.


Incredibly flexible.
Unbelievably affordable.

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